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Dispute and Chargeback Process

1) What's a debit card dispute?
Transaction amount which the Cardholder believes is incorrect;
Transactions which the Cardholder believes he or she did not authorize;
Transactions that the Cardholder may suspect are fraudulent;
Duplicated transactions;
Goods or services that the Cardholder did not receive at all or within the agreed timeframe (in such cases the Cardholder should contact the merchant in the first instance);
Recurring direct debits and regular repayment authorities that the Cardholder has previously cancelled (for examples: Gym membership or Health insurance).
2) The ZA Bank ('we' or 'the Bank”) may not be able to assist the Cardholder with disputes about:
Quality of service provided by a merchant
Contract related disputes
3) What is the role of the Card-issuing Bank?
When we receive cardholders card transaction dispute application, we will assist in checking whether a dispute is valid. If we find the request invalid, the dispute will be declined. We will evaluate the case and Initiate the chargeback process on behalf of the Cardholder to obtain the disputed amount from the Merchant’s Bank (Card acquiring bank). If the chargeback request is accepted, the disputed amount will be reimbursed to the Cardholders' debit card account.
4) How do I submit a debit card dispute?

Before initiating a claim, consider calling the merchant first, as they may resolve your claim faster (we may also require information from the merchant to process a claim, so contacting them directly may save you time). You can typically find the merchant's contact information on your receipt or billing statement.

To file a card transaction dispute no later than 60 days after the statement date of when the transaction was charged, please log in to ZA Bank App to apply.
1.    Log in to ZA Bank App
2.    Select the transaction record that needs to be disputed under "Home"
3.    Click 「…」 then select「Dispute」

Supporting documents may include but not limited to the related transaction receipt/contract and the proof of the merchant failure to deliver goods/services (if applicable).
Alternatively, feel free to online chat with us.
Timely notification is important. Most transactions must be disputed within 60 days of the date of your statement on which the error appeared. However, we recommend that you notify us immediately if you suspect an unauthorized transaction has occurred. If you did not provide your account information to the merchant in question and suspect that your information was stolen, please contact us immediately.
If you do not notify us in time, we may be unable to investigate your claim in which case you will be liable for the transaction.

5) How long do I have to wait for my Bank to resolve a disputed transaction?
The time taken to resolve a disputed transaction may vary depending on the complexity of the case. Generally, resolution on a dispute may range between approximately 30 - 90 calender days, assuming all required documentation has been promptly provided upon request. Email notification will be send to the Cardholder regarding the result of the chargeback.
6) What should I do before I submit a debit card dispute?
Based on our experience, we recognized that most of the disputed charges are legitimate where our customers occasionally may not recognize or remember that they have executed those transactions. Hence, we recommend you to logon to our Bank App and view details of your specific debit card transactions.
Before disputing a charge, we recommend you attempt to resolve the dispute with the merchant. Often the merchant can answer your questions and efficiently resolve your dispute. The merchant's phone number may be located on your receipt or billing statement.
If you believe there has been unauthorized use of your account, feel free to online chat with us.
7) What happens after I submit my debit card dispute?
Once we’ve received your Cardholder's Statement of Disputed Item, we’ll acknowledge the receipt via email within 5 working days. Remember to provide us the supporting documents, or submit the remaining documents within 14 days from the application date via APP.
We take your business seriously and will do everything we can to help resolve a dispute in a timely and thorough manner. We may contact you to discuss your dispute and learn more information from you about the disputed transaction.
As part of our investigation, we may request more information and evidence from you to facilitate us to progress the dispute resolution. Specifically, if you believe you are a victim of fraud, identity theft or other illegal activity, we may ask you to report the matter to the police in the first instance.
8) Can I cancel the [Consumption Dispute] appeal on my own?
You can choose to cancel the appeal in the progress of the consumption dispute, but please note that you can choose to cancel the appeal before submitting the card organization in the progress of the consumption dispute.
9) How do I know the latest developments in consumer disputes?
You can check the latest progress of your current consumer dispute case in the consumer dispute progress. We will also notify you of the latest progress of the case by email or APP Push.
10) Why is my card locked?
When the customer goes through the APP self-service consumption dispute process, if the transaction is an unauthorized transaction by himself, after confirming the submission of the dispute, we will lock the customer's ZA Card to ensure the safety of the customer's card use.
11) If a consumer dispute appeal fails, will I be charged a fee?
You can raise dispute once per transaction. Failure of dispute would be charged the dispute handling fee HKD 100.00/dispute. According to VISA guideline, the dispute may take approximately 30 - 90 calender days to resolve.
12) If the consumer dispute appeal fails / cancels the consumer dispute appeal by itself, can I submit the application again on the APP?
You can raise dispute once per transaction, before initiating a claim, consider calling the merchant first, as they may resolve your claim faster (we may also require information from the merchant to process a claim, so contacting them directly may save you time). You can typically find the merchant's contact information on your receipt or billing statement.
13) How to submit supplementary information?
Please upload the required information through the APP, and provide relevant information within 14 days, otherwise the dispute will be rejected.