ZA Life Limited
ZA Savings Insurance 3
(Life insurance with savings element)

‘ZA Savings Insurance 3’ is currently sold out!

Up to 5.0% p.a. Guaranteed Maturity Return after 18 months4

Be the game changer again!
Get a high return
in a short term

‘Short term’or ‘high return’? Why not both!
Get your principal back with 3.11% p.a guaranteed return#in just 18 months to build up the wealth rapidly
and fight against inflation 3 now.

Both principal and return are
100% guaranteed
Achieve your investment ambitions

With 100% capital protection and guaranteed1
return, you can save with confidence and
enjoy life protection at the same time.

Saving in your way
As low as HKD 10k minimum premium

Up to HKD 500k premium quota per person and policy.
Quota is limited, first-come-first-served!
No additional charge for policy surrender.

Apply for & manage
the policy(ies) In 1-app

As long as you are in Hong Kong, you can
apply for the insurance products,
manage your policy(ies), check and surrender in full
to receive the cash value of the policy
through the ZA Bank App any time.
Insurance is that simple.


Benefit Term

18 months

Premium Payment Term

Single Premium

Premium amount (HK$)

Premium should be between HKD 0 - HKD {tag}*

3.11% p.a. guaranteed return at policy maturity after 18 months #

@ Death Benefit = Total Premium paid x 105%

Promo Code (if any)
HK$ --
Explanation Notes

The table above is only a summary illustration of the major benefits of your basic plan excluding any supplementary benefits (if applicable) and assumes that all premiums are paid in full when due. You should refer to your licensed insurance intermediary or the ZA Insure for more information or, if appropriate, a more detailed proposal.

The amount of total premium(s) may differ slightly from the total of the premiums payable in the policy due to rounding differences.

The Guaranteed Cash Value any time before Policy Maturity equals to 100% of your Total Premiums Paid.

When reviewing the values shown in the above illustration in the table above, please note that the cost of living in the future is likely to be higher than it is today due to inflation.


You should only apply for this product if you intend to pay the premium for the whole of the premium payment term.

^ The above figures are rounded down to the nearest 2 decimal places and are for illustrative purposes only. The figures do not include insurance levy.

# The guaranteed maturity return is equivalent to 104.7% of total premium paid with assuming no surrender. Figure may differ slightly due to rounding.

*If you choose to cancel the policy during the cooling off period, you will receive only the total premium paid as refund.



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