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Tax season loan at a fixed rate of 0.07%
Enjoy a standard monthly flat rate of 0.07% during promotion period by successfully applying a loan of HKD 200,000 or above with a tenor of 6 – 24 months, APR as low as 1.45% [1].
apply. To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay.
APR as low as 1.45%[ 1 ]
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24/7 review your application with the 30-minute service pledge.
Loan Interest Rate Table
Loan AmountRepayment periodMonthly Flat RateAnnualized Percentage Rate (“APR”)
HKD 200,000 or above
6 monthsGuaranteed 0.07%1.45%
9 months1.52%
12 months1.56%
18 months1.60%
24 months1.62%

The first ever 30 minutes pledge in Hong Kong30minutes

1. Submit the required documents
Submit the application information and required documents via the APP (during service hours* between 9:30 am to 12 am, Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays).
2. 30 Minutes Pledge
After submitting your application, we commit to reviewing your application within 30 minutes, or else you'll get HKD10 for every minute of overtime, and possibly up to HKD500!
3. Receive prompt result
After receiving and confirming the final result, get your loan and cash rebate instantly!


*Effective from 16 Jan, the service hours will be updated as follows:
Between 9:30 am to 12 am, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.​

Complete the loan application in 4 steps

Repayment Calculator

The result from repayment calculator is for reference only
The actual result that will apply will be based on customer’s final loan amount, credit rating and other factors as assigned and considered by the Bank.
Loan amount (HKD)

Loan amount must be in multiples of HKD1000

Loan amount must be in between HKD 5,000 and HKD 1,000,000

Monthly Flat Rate (%)
Repayment period (month)

Maximum 60 months

Handling fee


Monthly Repayment Amount (HKD)
Total Interest (HKD)
Repayment Schedule

Monthly instalment amount is combined of principal and interest payable. Under the “Rule of 78”, the proportion of interest will be more in earlier instalments comparing to the later ones. Below is an example to demonstrate the calculation of interest fee under “Rule of 78”. For example, if a loan is to be repaid over 12 instalments, the total interest will be divided into 78 portions (12 + 11 + 10 + … + 1 = 78). 12/78ths of the total interest is allocated as the first instalment’s portion of the interest payable, 11/78ths of the total interest is allocated as the second instalment’s portion and so on until the twelfth instalment, at which 1/78th of the total interest is allocated as that instalment’s portion of the interest payable.


[ 1 ] The Annualized Percentage Rate (“APR”) of 1.45% is calculated based on a loan amount of HKD200,000, repayment tenor of 6 months at a monthly flat rate of 0.07%. Interest is calculated on the basis of 365 days per year. The APR is calculated using method specified in relevant guidelines issued by the Hong Kong Associations of Banks. The APR is a reference rate, which includes all applicable interest rates, fees and charges of the product, expressed as an annualized rate.