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Loan Amount up to HKD1,000,000
APR as low as 1.80%[1]
New bank users can get approval result in 90 seconds[2]
Existing users can get approval result in 30 seconds after logging into ZA Bank App. [3]

Complete the loan application in 4 steps

Repayment Calculator

The result from repayment calculator is for reference only
The actual result that will apply will be based on customer’s final loan amount, credit rating and other factors as assigned and considered by the Bank.
Loan amount (HKD)

Loan amount must be in multiples of HKD1000

Loan amount must be in between HKD 5,000 and HKD 1,000,000

Monthly Flat Rate (%)
Repayment period (month)

Maximum 60 months

Handling fee


Monthly Repayment Amount (HKD)
Total Interest (HKD)
Repayment Schedule

Monthly instalment amount is combined of principal and interest payable. Under the “Rule of 78”, the proportion of interest will be more in earlier instalments comparing to the later ones. Below is an example to demonstrate the calculation of interest fee under “Rule of 78”. For example, if a loan is to be repaid over 12 instalments, the total interest will be divided into 78 portions (12 + 11 + 10 + … + 1 = 78). 12/78ths of the total interest is allocated as the first instalment’s portion of the interest payable, 11/78ths of the total interest is allocated as the second instalment’s portion and so on until the twelfth instalment, at which 1/78th of the total interest is allocated as that instalment’s portion of the interest payable.


[1] The Annualised Percentage Rate (‘APR’) of 1.80% is calculated based on an example, where the loan amount is HKD1,000,000, with repayment tenor of 12 months and monthly flat rate 0.081%. Please refer to the interest rate & monthly repayment table shown during loan application for the applicable monthly flat rate and APR of other tenors. The APR is calculated using the method specified in relevant guidelines issued by the Hong Kong Associations of Banks, and is rounded up or down to the nearest two decimal places. The APR is a reference rate, which includes the basic interest rates and other fees and charges (if applicable) of a product expressed as an annualised rate.

[2] On or before 30 Nov 2023, you can input the promotion code to get 3 Loan Cash Coupons which are applicable to different loan amount during the Personal Instalment Loan application. Upon successful drawdown of Personal Instalment Loan with tenor of 18 months or above and loan amount of HKD 200,000 – HKD 399,999, HKD 400,000 – HKD 799,999 and HKD 800,000 or above with the coupons, you can get HKD 588, HKD 688 and HKD 2,000 cash rewards respectively after completion of 7-day cooling-off period. The coupon is valid for 14 days after you have entered the code during the loan application. Terms and conditions apply.

[3] This approval result is preliminary. Users are required to submit relevant documents for review before receiving the final result and approval. The actual completion time varies across individuals. In general, provided that all required information is in order, a new-to-bank applicant can get the preliminary approval result by applying via ZA Bank website in as fast as 90 seconds. An existing bank user can get the preliminary approval result in as fast as 30 seconds from starting an application in “Loan” tab after logging into ZA Bank App. The final approved interest rate and loan amount may vary depending on the individual circumstances and the final assessment of the bank.

[4] For instalment loan, the lowest and highest tenor are 6 months and 60 months respectively.