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Important Notices


Notice of Amendment to the 'Fees and Charges Guide for Individual Customers'

(effective from 1 June 2022)


We're updating the Fees and Charges Guide for Individual Customers (“Fees and Charges Guide”), which will be effective from 1 June 2022. Understand this may sound boring but to better protect your interests, please bear with us and spare several minutes to read this through carefully. 

Amendment to the Fees and Charges Guide in relation to ZA Card:

Service  Current Fees and Charges New Fees and Charges
ZA Card transaction handling fee – fee relating to settling foreign currency transaction in Hong Kong Dollars Not Applicable

1.95% Cross-border Transaction Fee (1% charged by Visa, 0.95% charged by ZA Bank)
If you conduct a Hong Kong dollar transaction (including a refund) on ZA Card, whether in Hong Kong or overseas, and that transaction is processed overseas because the merchant or acquirer is registered in a place other than Hong Kong, Cross-border Transaction Fee will be charged. The Cross-border Transaction Fee will be charged in circumstances where the overseas merchant or acquirer has already converted the transaction into Hong Kong dollars, or you have asked them to do so. The Cross-border Transaction Fee will apply if you are offered the option to, and choose to, settle a foreign currency transaction in Hong Kong dollars at a point of sale overseas. Such option is a direct arrangement offered by the overseas merchant and not ZA Bank. You are reminded to ask the merchant for details about the foreign currency exchange rate and any applicable fees before you enter into the transaction because settling foreign currency transactions in Hong Kong dollars may involve a cost higher than Foreign Currency Transaction Fee.

Physical ZA Card replacement fee

First 2 replacement with a calendar year: waived
3rd replacement onwards: HKD 50 / replacement

HKD 50 per card replacement

Dispute handling charge

Not Applicable

HKD 100 per dispute


Please note that the amendments shall be binding on you if you do not terminate the above mentioned products or services before 1 June 2022. If you decline to accept the amendments, you have the right to terminate the products or services in accordance with the relevant provisions under ZA Card Terms and Conditions before the above mentioned date.

Feel free to get in touch with us in the ZA Bank App if you need help.


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