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Important Notices


Beware of fraudulent website


WATCH OUT! We’ve noticed a fraudulent website claiming to be from ZA Bank. The phishing website address is ‘hxxps://brqwyb[.]com’, which suggests you to enter your personal or account login details, and download an unauthorised mobile app.

We’ve no connection with the fraudulent website involved. Please don’t share any sensitive personal information or download the unauthroised Android Application Package Kit (APK). If you want to access our banking services, please log into the ZA Bank App on your mobile phone.

Here are the screenshots of the fraudulent website:




Our official website address is Please be sure to download ZA Bank App through the official channels only: App Store, Google Play and our official website.

If you’re concerned, please get in touch via the Online Chat in the ZA Bank App, or call our 24/7 customer service hotline on 3665 3665. If you’ve disclosed your personal or account login details to the above website, or conducted transactions via the unauthorised mobile app, please reset your account password in the ZA Bank App immediately and report to the Police as soon as possible.


ZA Bank

22 August 2023