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How to dispute a transaction?

ZA Bank, as one of the VISA members and the Card Issuing Bank, we will assist our Cardholders in checking whether the dispute is valid when we receive a disputed application from the Cardholders.

Before initiating a claim, consider calling the merchant first, as they may resolve your claim faster (we may also require information from the merchant to process a claim, so contacting them directly may save you time).

You can typically find the merchant's contact information on your receipt or billing statement.

You can lodge a dispute by downloading a Cardholder's Statement of Disputed Item online. You are required to return the completed form with supporting documents to our Bank at card.dispute@za.groupno later than 60 days after the statement date of when the transaction was charged.

For the details please check the Dispute and Chargeback Process.

Once we’ve received your Cardholder's Statement of Disputed Item, we’ll acknowledge the receipt via email within 5 working days.

The time taken to resolve a disputed transaction may vary depending on the complexity of the case. Generally, resolution on a dispute may range between approximately 6-12 weeks, assuming all required documentation has been promptly provided upon request. Email notification will be send to the Cardholder regarding the result of the chargeback.

If you need any assistance, please follow the instructions below to contact our 24/7 online Customer Services for further assistance. Thank you.

■ Scroll down the FAQ page to the bottom of the ZA Bank App and click「Online Chat」

■ Or click the「Chat」icon on the right side of ZA Bank webpage to access「Online Chat」

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