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Express Account Opening

Need speed? We go fast, so that your business can hit the ground running. Say goodbye to traditional account opening processes and never wait around again.


Complete your application in as fast as 6 minutes, and open an account in as fast as 2 hours[1]!


[1]The actual turnaround time may vary depending on the circumstances of each individual application.

[2]Transaction limit will be applied to accounts opened online. Upon successful account opening, the maximum daily amount for third-party transfer is HKD $500,000 (or equivalent), subject to the monthly maximum transfer limit of HKD $5,000,000 (or equivalent). 

[3]There is a HKD 1,500 fee to open a Business Banking account online. For more details, please refer to the Business Banking Tariff.

SME-Friendly Foreign Exchange

Are you in the big leagues, or still growing? Export-import business? Lots of trading? It doesn’t matter – you get a level playing field with us. We’ve got your back with our foreign exchange service, with great rates for all.


Real-time quotation


Instantly exchange your currency


Uninterrupted 24/7 service, day or night

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Small Business Loan

We get you. It can be difficult for a startup to get funding when you’re still starting out. We were once a startup too – and now, we’re here to give your business wings to fly.


A max loan amount of HKD 4,000,000!


Businesses that have reached their first birthday are eligible to apply!


The Small Business Loan is also backed by the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme launched by the HKMC Insurance Limited.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay.

Not quite what you wanted? If you have different needs, we have other types of loans waiting for you too! Click here to explore more.

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24/7 Time Deposit

Time deposits are available in HKD, CNY and USD, offering you flexibility to place time deposits anytime.


24/7 Placement


Wide Range of Tenors


Stable Return

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Transfer and Payment

We offer convenient and efficient payment services.


Low Handling Fee




Local Funds Transfer - FPS/CHATS


Overseas remittance