ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

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How to open an account

Want to open your ZA Bank account? You need to:

■ be aged 18 or above

■ hold a valid HKID card (either permanent and non-permanent resident; we accept both smart HKID and the new smart HKID introduced on 26 November 2018, except juvenile HKID card or HKID card issued overseas)

■ have a valid Hong Kong mobile phone number for receiving SMS and identity authentication

■ have a valid Hong Kong residential address

The ZA Bank App is completely free to download.

You can download our Bank App from the Apple App Store (IOS 8.0 or above) and Google Play (OS 5.0 or above), or simply scan the QR code on the bottom of webpage with your mobile phone to download. ​Please check if your App Store is located in Hong Kong, otherwise you may not be able to search the ZA Bank APP on the App Store.

You can open an account on ZA Bank App anytime, anywhere in just 7 steps, with 1 smart phone and 1 HKID card:

1. Download ZA Bank App

2. Input your mobile number and email address

3. Scan your HKID and take a selfie for identity verification

4. Input your residential address, occupation, purpose of account, tax information and confirm account opening information

5. Customise ZA Card number or skip the customising step

6. Set up username and password

7. Your account is all set in just as fast as 5 minutes

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