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How to give Lai See?

Time to enjoy your new year with a new experience!

We have integrated the traditional Lai See experience into our latest update. You can now pack and give your Lai See in a new way!

Give your Lai See with just a mobile number

No matter where your relatives and friends are, input their mobile number (registered with FPS), they can receive your Lai See via ZA Bank App or FPS. To make it more convenient, you can give out the same amount Lai See to 10 friends and relatives at most in one go!

Pack your Lai See in a new way

We bring the tradition packing Lai See experience to your mobile! Besides inputting the exact Lai See amount, you can now also drag the banknotes (from HKD 10 to HKD 1,000) into the red packet!

Even more, you can personalise the red packet with our Zappy & Alfie! The minimum amount for each Lai See is HKD 10.

Lai See & luck comes in pairs

Want to give out Lai See in pairs? Just tap "In pairs", Lai See will be given out in double!
Giving Lai See in a new way

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