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ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

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‘Easy Deposit’ transaction limitation

Building an innovative and customised banking experience for you has always been our goal. Even for something as simple as a transfer, we strive to get it done more conveniently and seamlessly. That’s why we rolled out ‘Easy Deposit’, our electronic Direct Debit Authorisation (‘eDDA’) service, when we launched our business in March last year, so you can easily add money without the need for switching between banking apps. More, you can link another bank account in as quick as 30 seconds, then add money to ZA Bank in as fast as 15 seconds.

User experience has always been our drive to keep moving forward and upward. We’re happy to bear the associated costs so you can continue to enjoy the best transfer experience. Taking users’ habits and experience as well as our operating costs into account, you can deposit money from the following banks via ‘Easy Deposit’, effective from 8 Oct 2021:

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