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ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

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Adding money to your account

We suggest you to transfer funds from other banks to ZA Bank through the following channels:
1. FPS: register your FPS proxy ID (i.e. mobile number/email address/FPS ID) with ZA Bank then transfer funds by using other bank's Mobile App or Personal Internet Banking and input your proxy ID which is registered in ZA Bank.
2. Account Number: transfer funds by using other bank's Mobile App or Personal Internet Banking, input your ZA Bank's account number and select "387 ZA Bank Limited" from the bank list (the displayed name of ZA Bank may vary in different banks). Input ZA Bank's Bank Code 387 or Branch Code 747 if required.
3. Bind your account at other bank(s) with ZA Bank via Easy Deposit (eDDA): after the successful bind, you can start to deposit funds to ZA Bank.

4. Inward Overseas Remittance: choose overseas remittance in your overseas account internet banking or mobile app, input your ZA Bank’s account number details, ZA Banks SWIFT Code and corresponding banks’ details.

If you are receiving funds from someone else, please confirm with your payer if the funds are transferred via FPS,CHATS/RTGS or SWIFT. Otherwise the payment might not be processed successfully.

ZA Bank swift code is AABLHKHH and only applicable to local transfer in Hong Kong.

You may also register your HKID number as FPS proxy ID, which will facilitate you to receive payment and transfer from institutions, corporates and the HKSAR government in the future.

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