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How do I apply for Instalment Loan at ZA Bank if I am not yet a ZA Bank Customer?

Input information

Step 1:Go to ZA Bank Website -> Tax Season Loan page

Step 2:Click「Apply now」

Step 3:Verify your mobile number

Step 4:Read through the terms and conditions

Step 5:Input your monthly income, loan amount, tenor and other personal information (Input invitation code if you have one)

Step 6:Confirm application details and submit your application, you will receive your preliminary result as fast as 1-minute

Download ZA Bank App

Step 7:Check and confirm your preliminary result (you may change your loan amount and tenor later on ZA Bank App)

Step 8:Download ZA Bank App. Go to「loan」tab and click「Continue」

Step 9:Input the same mobile number you verified on ZA Bank website

Step 10:Check and confirm your preliminary result, you may change your loan amount and tenor here

Input supporting information and upload documents

Step 11:Choose your HKID type and scan your HKID, perform face recognition

Step 12:Input job information

Step 13:Upload supporting documents

Step 14:Complete loan declaration and wait for the final approval result

Confirm loan agreement & arrange loan disbursement

Step 15:Check and confirm your final approval result, you may change your loan amount and tenor here

Step 16:Set up of ZA Bank deposit account for loan disbursement and repayment

Step 17:Confirm loan agreement

Step 18:Loan disbursed to ZA Bank deposit account

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