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Checking the unpaid interest of your remaining instalments

You can refer to the repayment schedule details that shown in the Instalment Loan Confirmation. It shows the principal and interest payable of each instalment. On the repayment schedule, it also highlights to you after which instalment, the early settlement fee will be higher than the total unpaid interest.

For example,

Loan Amount: HK$ 100,000

Monthly Flat Rate: 0.50%

Number of Instalments: 12

Monthly Repayment:HK$ 8,833.33

Total Interest: HK$ 6,000

The early settlement fee in 8th instalment is HK$ 43,012.84 x 2% = HK$ 860.26 while the remaining unpaid interest is just HK$ 769.23. If you make early settlement on 8th instalment, you should note that the unpaid interest will be less than the early settlement fee. The case applies to 8th instalment and onwards.

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