ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

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Using your FPS QR code on ZA Bank App

You can scan your friend or merchant's FPS QR code to transfer money, or save the picture for the FPS QR Code provided by the merchants' App into your photo album.

1. Log in to ZA Bank App

2. Tap「Account」in the menu bar

3. Tap top right corner's scan icon, scan the merchant's FPS QR code on the bill, or your friend's bank App FPS QR code

4. Or tap top right corner's「Photo Album」after access to scanning page, select the saved FPS QR code screenshot

If you want to use QR code to receive money, you must set ZA Bank as the default bank in FPS at first. Tap the 'QR Code' in scanning page, show your QR code or screenshot to receive money.

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