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The application process time for the PLGS Scheme

There are 4 steps to process the PLGS application:

Step 1: ZA Bank to review your application materials

ZA Bank will review your application upon receiving the full set of required information and documents from you. Usually, it may take approximately 5 working days.

We will contact you by phone/SMS if we need any additional information or documents from you. Please pay attention to incoming calls from our Customer Service hotline 3665 3665.

Step 2: ZA Bank to upload your application to HKMCI

Your application will be uploaded to HKMCI for final review within 3 working days after ZA Bank has reviewed your application.

Step 3:Final review by HKMCI

HKMCI will take approximately 3 to 5 working days to review your application.

Step 4: ZA Bank to send final result to you via SMS

We will notify you the final result via SMS within 1 working day after receiving the final approval result from HKMC.

Special Notes:

The actual approval time may vary in different scenario. Thanks for your patience.

If you need any assistance, please follow the instructions below to contact our 24/7 online Customer Services for further assistance. Thank you.

■ Scroll down the FAQ page to the bottom of the ZA Bank App and click「Online Chat」

■ Or click the「Chat」icon on the right side of ZA Bank webpage to access「Online Chat」

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