ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

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How can I submit a claim?

Simplified claim process by ZA Insure is designed for your convenience at your difficult times. You may submit your request from contacting ZA Insure customer service hotline at 3665 3636 or via ZA Insure website.

- Process is simple! But in case you have any issues, feel free to ask ZA Insure online customer service representatives for assistance.

- Stay informed of claim status or any pending requirements by email and SMS from ZA Insure

- Receive the claim by cheque or transfer securely in your bank account from ZA Insure

Should you wish to understand more of the claim process or the policy itself, you can visit ZA Insure’s website or call our customer service hotline at 3665 3636 or email at for more details. ZA Insure will be happy to answer your enquiries.

If you need further assistance,feel free to online chat with us
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