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How to do on any unidentified card transactions?

There may be various reasons for unidentified card transactions. Here are some possible explanations to help you to confirm the transaction:

Confirm the Merchant Name
Merchants sometimes register under different names such as company name, so the name on the transaction record or monthly statement may not be the same. Try to find related names from the Internet to see if you can find more details.

Pay attention to extra costs
Some retailers (such as hotels, taxis, airlines or car rental services) may charge additional surcharges in addition to the basic fees.

Check receipt and email
Check your receipt to see if there are any transactions of the same amount on that day and display them under different merchant names. Also please check your email, as you will often receive electronic confirmation emails or receipts with the merchant ’s registered name.

Transaction made around similar time
Check the transactions that are made around the same time. This might remind you of where you had been at that time and help you figure out the unidentified transaction.

Consider the exchange rate
If the unconfirmed transaction is settled in foreign currency, the final transaction amount may be different from your purchase. Regarding refund transactions, when the refund amount is converted into Hong Kong dollars, the final refund amount may be different from your purchase.

Check if it’s a recurring payment
The transaction may be a recurring payment, such as automatic transfers, involving services or subscriptions that you set up previously.

Free trial
If you have recently signed up for free trial services, please check the terms and conditions of the free trial. The free trial period may have been expired and required payment for goods or services.

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