ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

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ZA Card Special Deal 11% rebate on CMHK

Get rebates for your new phones and bills! Spend with ZA Card at CMHK for an eligible transaction to get 11% rebate! Earn as you spend!

Promotion period: From now till 30 September 2021

Promotion detail: The rebate is in a form of ZA Coin and every HKD 1 online eligible transaction spent will earn you 11 ZA Coin.


■ You must link the ZA Bank account to ZA Coin Account (ZA Coin is a third party reward scheme operated by ZA International Financial Services Limited) in order to join the rebate promotion.

■ The maximum ZA Coin you can earn at all designated merchants per month is 20,000 (equivalent to HKD 200).

■ Each transaction can only enjoy 1 rebate offer at all time. If such transaction has already earned 11% rebate, then you'll not able to get PowerDraw rebate.

Terms and Conditions apply.

If you need further assistance,feel free to online chat with us
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