ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

ZA Bank, Virtual Bank

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Spending limits

There are 2 types of spending limit: daily spending limit and monthly spending limit.

Daily spending limit

For security reason, daily spending limit applies depending on different conditions:

When account is opened instantly

Upon account opening: HKD 10,000

Upon same-name account transfer from another bank: HKD 30,000

Upon internal review: HKD 50,000

Monthly spending limit

Default monthly spending limit is HKD 300,000. You can also manage your budget flexibly by setting a monthly spending limit in the ZA Bank App「Card」>「Set limit」. You can set the monthly spending limit within the range of HKD 0 - HKD 1,000,000.

Please note that your available spending balance is the daily remaining spending limit, monthly remaining spending limit or HKD savings account balance, whichever is lower.

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