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ZA Card delivery

You may expect to receive your ZA Card within 10 business days via Hong Kong local ordinary mail and 1 month via international mail. Please do not activate the physical card in App before receive it.

If the mailing address is incorrect or you have not received the physical card, please check if receive any email from ZA Bank about the return letter.

Please log in to the ZA Bank App and confirm the mailing address, you can contact Online Chat for further assistance.

Update your mailing address by below steps:

1. Log in to ZA Bank App

2. Tap on your profile picture on homepage

3. Tap “ > " in the top right corner, or tag on your profile in the top left corner

4. Select " Address "

5. Select the address information item you would like to update

A gentle reminder,arising from COVIN-19,card delivery service may be subject to delay, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

If you need further assistance,feel free to online chat with us
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