ZA Savings Go, Easy Deposit, 5 seconds recall, facial authentication,Create together, be different together

open account in as fast as 5 minutes, cashback, interest, rate up coupon, green cards, FPS

Dare to be a different card

Pick any number you want for the last 6 digits of your card
Enjoy up to 11% rebate upon purchase*
No annual fees, interests or late fees

Earn the most interest with ZA Savings Go

High yield, no fees, no minimum deposit
Deposit and withdraw money as you wish
Account opening in as fast as 5 mins
To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay.
APR as low as 1.86%

7-day cooling off period

Loan amount up to HKD1,000,000

Entire application
processed online

Use Rate-Up Coupons to

enjoy preferential rates

The bank will be running non stop from now on
With one account number, you can place HKD, CNY, USD time deposits through mobile app anytime, even during holidays. Combined with rate-up coupons, we will bring you a gamified high interest rate saving experience.

All year long

Time deposit with just $1

Rate-up coupon

Add money with "Easy Deposit"
Rolling out a brand new deposit experience - bind your account at other banks and add money to ZA Bank in no time.

Bind in as quickly as 30 secs

Add money in as quickly as 15 secs

Transfer is just within seconds
With the seamless integration with FPS, fund can be transferred instantly with a simple swipe using one of the following proxy IDs.

Mobile number

Email address


5 seconds recall
Accidentally input the wrong amount or payee information? ​You can recall a transfer within 5 seconds.​
Pioneering facial authentication
Our unique dynamic multi-dimensional live verification technology is able to identify multiple features of the existing smart identity card and the new smart identity card. We can verify your identity within a second. You do not have to worry about identity fraud even if you have lost your phone, password or username.​
Safer than ever
Whenever you open the ZA Bank app, we'll check your device’s security automatically to ensure that it hasn’t been attacked by malware. Even when performing a simple transaction, we will take security measures using security device and multiple factor authentication for verification. We guarantee that your personal data is always safeguarded.​

Bank is more than a branch

We are revolutionizing the banking convention by digitalizing services such as account opening, time deposits placement, personal information amendment, password retrieval and so on. From now on, whether in day time or night time, you no longer need to visit a bank to enjoy banking services. All you need is a smart phone.​

Create together, be different together

Since we were granted the banking license in March 2019, we have organised multiple events and have collected more than 200 ‘green cards’ with members’ opinions.
Building a bank together is our belief. With you, we can be different. Together.​

Want a search bar to access the service I need.
ensure data privacy is under control and protected
Online advisory base on user's behaviour.
Travel related widgets.
Too many handling fee…
Require less document when opening business account
Neat, simple & personalisation
Stable and secure system.
I want to know my spending pattern.
Wealth management which could leverage personal data profiling.
Higher interest rate!
Control my account more!
24 x7 x 365, seamless banking services.
Handle everything on mobile
Online AI chat box to serve customers.
Real time reminder to avoid late charge.
Better service with low fees
Professional and friendly UI
MPF consolidation.
Stock service.
AI customer service would be nice!
No more handling charge please.
Hate queuing in branches.
Say no to “signature”.
No hidden charge please!
I want a better exchange rate.
Provide useful info according to user behaviour.
Please don’t call and ask me to borrow again!
Please make sure all our data provided is secure.
No more paperwork.
The app should be simple and easy to use.
UI/UX is crucial.
Bank should be “user-driven” instead of “product-driven”.
Online mortgage
I want a virtual credit card!
Family account please!